Oversized Vehicle Shipping

If a vehicle can not fit on a standard car hauler, exceeds size and or weight road restrictions imposed by federal or state law it is considered an oversized vehicle. It will require a larger transportation vehicle, permit for driving on a highway, in some cases an escort car and most likely special routing. Shipping oversized vehicle requires individual approach and we are here to help you with you oversized vehicle shipping needs.

Common Types of Oversized Vehicles

Large & Heavy Trucks

Buses & Big RVs


Large Boats & Yachts

Construction machines

Farm machinery

Types of Carriers for Oversize Loads

Every oversized vehicle is unique and requires individual logistic approach for transportation. It is crucial to choose the right type of carrier for your particular vehicle to perform the move safely. Below are the options for relocating an oversize vehicle:

Oversized Transport


Consider this type of transport if:
  • You need to move UTV, limousine, boat, farm and construction machinery, inoperable RV, buse, multiple trucks
Depending on your vehicle’s dimensions and weight, one of the following types of trailers can be chosen from:
  • Flatbed
  • Lowboy
  • Drop deck (Step deck)
  • Big Rig


Drive-away Service

Consider this type of transport if:
  • You need to relocate operable truck, bus or RV.
If the vehicle you are looking to relocate is operable and can be driven you might consider hiring a professional licensed driver who will be able to get it to your destination for you, even if it’s a cross-country ride. This option usually turns out to be less costly than hiring a hauler to load and transport your vehicle.


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